Pre-Register for the Good Vibrations Motorsports March Meet (Now Moved to May) We have 16 Pre-Paid Spots for CIFCA. You get car drive plus 4/crew. 

The May Meet is May 27-30th at Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield, CA. 

You must have an Advance ET Liscense. We will basically follow 7.0 pro rules for Safety. No Launch Control devices. Very Limited Elctronics. Trans Brakes allowed. Promag 20 and 44 are allowed, but no grid systems. Data Recorders are allowed, but they must be recording only. No controllers. Hi-Helix Roots Style Superchargers Permitted, Screw Style Blowers Permiited, Turbos Permited, Prochargers Permitted. 

CIFCA Qualifing Under .10 Bump 7.09 = 7.19
NW BB/FC 6.75 Index

Eliminations lane choice goes to driver closer to the index over or under. 

The plan is to run a 2x 8 car shows. 

2 Qualifiying Passes Friday
Q.3 & 1st Round Elimnations Saturday

Semi & Final Eliminations on Sunday

CIFCA May Meet Entry