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Dales Score at the Fox Hunt

Race Report

Submitted by: Jim Maher

July 19, 2003 (Sacramento Raceway): The heat was on at the Sacramento Fox Hunt with the mercury reaching upwards of triple digits. The qualifying was also hot with 18 teams having 3 sessions to make the 16-car ladder. Jim Maher grabbed the pole with a 7.51 while Rookie Ken Breneisen won the Perma-Cool Burnout Challenge. Several teams making their CIFCA debut included Steve Romanazzi, Jamie Leppanen and Breneisen.

The final round came down to the Jim Broome/Mike Savage duo and Dales’ Shakey Situation. Savage had to first get around the soon-to-be married Dennis La Charite. Savage posted a sterling .417 initiated 7.514 elapsed time to La Charite’s 7.548. In the second round Savage motored through with a 7.56 while Jack Beckman made a contribution to the aluminum gods. Broome & Savage then sent the DLS Motorsports to an early BBQ based on a 7.55 – 7.43 breakout decision.

Gary & Sean Dale of Phoenix, AZ were flexing their power on the other side of the ladder. Sean held back newcomer Breneisen in the opening frame (7.52 –7.60) and then trailered Brad Faria. During the semi-finals, the Dales went .009 under the 7.500 index but their competitor Steve Romanazzi bulbed at the start.

The final was a close one. Savage got the holeshot (.455 - .506) and led to the stripe but his 7.46 pushed him under. Dales’ near perfect 7.506 would give the Dales their first win of the season and move the father/son team up 2 positions on the points standings.

The Enderle Quick Reaction Time and the Good Vibrations Best Package bonuses were awarded to Broome/ Savage based on their first round performances. Special thanks to the staff at Sacramento Raceway for prepping one of the quickest tracks on the west coast and for finishing the show before curfew.

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