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Aeromotive Fuel Systems Revolving Qualifier

Vic Wood at Aeromotive Fuel Systems has jumped on board to help support our Bonus Program in 2015. They are posting $200 CASH at each CIFCA Race. You may be wondering how to win the $200 bucks? Well it's pretty simple. Qualify #1 at the first race, and the cash is yours. Qualify #2 at the 2nd, #3 at the 3rd.. etc. Aeromotive is also posting Contingency ($100 Winner / $50 Runner-Up) at all CIFCA events in 2017. (Note: To claim your $$$ for winning Aeromotive Contingency contact James Maher | CIFCA President) The only requirement is that you must run Aeromotive Stickers on both sides of your Funny Car! Aeromotive is supporting our 2017 Poster Calendars & our CIFCA T-Shirts! Check out their Website - Leave them a HUGE Thank You on their Facebook

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