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System 1 Filter Products - Do you have what it takes to be number 1?

Mark Mittel at System 1 has signed on as one of CIFCA's Bonus Program Sponsor. The System One's #1 Qualifer Bonus Program will reward the #1 qualifer at each CIFCA race with $100 cash! So do you have what it takes to be number 1? Please let them know you appreciate their support by "liking" them on Facebook and by checking out their website. You can purchase their products at a discount from Good Vibrations Motorsports -

A little about System One... Improving engine performance on the track, on the road, in the water and in the air. Make System 1 Filter Products your No. 1 choice for high-performance and heavy-duty vehicles.

  • Filtration benefits

  • Environmental benefits

  • Long-term savings

  • For all automotive applications

Why System One Filter Products?

The tough cast-aluminum housing of this tested, proven and patented high-flow filter system spins onto the existing receptacle, requiring no special tools. In two minutes flat, it can be cleaned with soap and water and placed back into service.

  • Extends the life of lubricants

  • Reduces disposal requirements

  • Boosts engine performance

  • Withstands abuse, lasts a lifetime

  • Serves as an inspection tool for engines

  • Flows and filters oil more efficiently than paper filters

  • Eliminates the risk of environmental contamination that paper filters cause.

Contact Info: System 1 Filters 6080 Leonard Noell Drive Tulare CA, 93274 559-687-1955 P.O. Box 1097 Tulare CA, 93275 E-mail -

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