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No Final? Two Runner Ups? Find out why...

August 26, 2000: Western Colorado Raceway in Grand Junction, CO hosted the CIFCA funny cars for the second time this year. The race went very well until Mother Nature stepped in. There was a brief shower just before the final round. There were some upsets including a DNQ by point's leader Steve Tryon.

The racing was competitive. 1999 Points Champion Robert Lee qualified #1 but could not make first round call. Sean and Gary Dale qualified well with a 7.75 and steadily improved. Dale ran a 7.55 in the opening round to hold back Jim Carter. In the semi's, The Dales stopped the timers with a 7.61 after Savage bulbed in Jim Broome's Olds.

Mike Hilsabeck was dodging bullets on the other side of the ladder. The 4-time champ cut a crucial .472 light against a snoozing Chill Scardino and advanced with a 7.73 - 7.56! In the semi's, Hilsabeck coasted to an 8.05 while Jim Maher's Good Vibrations clocked a .426 initiated 7.47 for the Enderle Quick Reaction Time bucks. The Perma-Cool Burnout Challenge was not contested.

It was an all Arizona final. Dale and Hilsabeck fired up but raindrops forced the two to shut off before they moved an inch. What looked liked a soggy evening actually was only a 20 minute shower. The track was dried and racing resumed. CIFCA's finalists were not comfortable with the track conditions. Hence, Dale and Hilsabeck received full runner up status, including points, pay and contingencies. The final round would not be run off at a later time.

Hilsabeck has taken the points lead by less than one round. The championship will be decided at Southwestern Int'l Raceway on Sept 16. Thanks to Napa Auto Parts for supporting this event. Special thanks to the staff at Western Colorado Raceway for their hard work and dedication. They have revived this racetrack and transformed it into a facility to be proud of.

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