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DLS Motorsports Extends Points Lead with Fox Hunt Victory

Race Report

Submitted by: Jim Maher

July 20, 2002 (Sacramento Raceway): Promoter Dave Smith combined 3 major events (Fox Hunt, Night of Fire and Fremont Reunion) into one full weekend of racing. Seventeen funny cars showed for the 16-car CIFCA ladder resulting in a competitive field. Dave Smith's team from Diamond Bar, CA (no relation) had their way with the competition enroute to winning their third race of the year and extending their points lead.

Jim Scott qualified on top with a 7.502. Sean Dale followed with a 7.507 and won the Perma-Cool Burnout Challenge. Both were first round casualties.

Smith driver's Adam Sorokin cut some of the best lights of day. This coupled with consistent tuning by Chris Kelly made the DLS Motorsports an unbeatable force. Sorokin posted a 7.55 first round win over Jeff Seraphine, who drove 1400 to get to the finish line. Sorokin's 7.54 was enough to hold back Mike Halstead and advance into the semi's. A 7.52 against Robert Lee's 7.44 earned the DLS Motorsports a spot in the money round.

Paul Peterson piloted the AMP Motorsports' Avenger to their second final of the year and a rematch with Sorokin. Peterson got around Marsha Whiteman in the opening frame and then sent Bob Szabo packing. In the semi's Peterson got a slight jump on Michael Irwin. Through the eyes it was Irwin first but with a 7.43 breakout sending Peterson to the final.

CIFCA * 8858 Painter Ave, Suite E * Whittier, CA 90602

The final round was a carbon copy from earlier in the year at SIR. Peterson got the holeshot but watched as Sorokin drove around on the top end (7.66 -7.87) for the win. After accepting a NHRA "Wally", the DLS Motorsports crew immediately called team owner Smith and informed him of the victory. They dedicated their win to Dave's wife Lynda who was recouping from surgery.

Dennis LaCharite .423 light earned him the Enderle Quick Reaction Time bonus. Special thanks to Argo of Yuba City, 98Rock, PacWest Trailers and Pennzoil for their support of the race.

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