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Bridesmaid's Sean Dale leave La Charite at the line; Wins Event

Race Report, Aug 31, 2002

Submitted by: Jim Maher

Western Colorado Raceway: The CIFCA funny cars made their return to Grand Junction, CO. The long tow is well worth it. Racers and fans in this area are very cordial and look forward to this annual CIFCA race.

Sean Dale has been to the final round 3 times at Western Colorado Raceway. Twice he has runner up, once he called it a draw. Now he can claim he tackled the 5000' mountain. Dale's first round victory over Shane Westring set up his second round date with Dave Smith's driver Adam Sorokin. Dale barely left on Sorokin and held on for a 7.64 - 7.65 win light.

Rookie Dennis La Charite was making waves on the other side of the ladder. La Charite is known as a "leaver" in the sport because of his quick reaction times. He got past Chill Scardino on a holeshot aided 7.60 to 7.52 decision. During the semi's La Charite ran an uncontested 7.57 placing the Torrance CA driver into his second final.

Dale gave La Charite a taste of his own medicine in the final when he left him at the line (.480 - .790). La Charite's 7.55 could not run down Dales' victorious 7.67 sending their Shakey Situation's Camaro into the winner circle.

Adam Sorokin, winner of the Perma-Cool Burnout Challenge, saw his points lead slipped by 200 (one round). La Charite moved into second. Michael Irwin won the Enderle Quick Reaction Rime bonus.

Special thanks to the Western Colorado Drag Racing Association for the vast track improvements. This group has made WCD a competitive playing field on the CIFCA circuit.

CIFCA * 8858 Painter Ave, Suite E * Whittier, CA 90602

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