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Tucker wins Pedal-Fest

Race Report

Submitted by: Jim Maher

Oct 6, 2002 (Kingman AZ): The CIFCA participated in an 8-car matchrace at the 8th annual Kingman Air & Auto Show. This special event featured 2 days of aerobatics in the sky and 1/8 mile drag racing on the ground. The "strip" was a virgin taxiway. It was very smooth though lack traction. The pedal-fest was just as exciting for the drivers as it was for the fans.

CIFCA used a round-robin format in which all teams made 3 qualifying runs. The finalists were then paired off based on low elapsed times. Glenn Tucker of Moreno Valley unloaded with a soft combo and snuck up on the tune up. His 5.88 in the 3rd session was good for the top spot. Chill Scardino ripped off an initial 5.92 that would hold for second. The only other team to visit the 5 seconds zone was Paul Peterson (5.984) in the AMP Motorsports Avenger.

In the money round both Tucker & Scardino back-pedaled and slid their way through the gears. On the top-end, Tucker emerged from the smoke first with a 5.722 - 5.906 victory. And the crew went wild.

Special thanks to Route 66 Wings & Wheels for inviting CIFCA to this special affair. And for Napa Auto Parts for their generous support.

CIFCA * 8858 Painter Ave, Suite E * Whittier, CA 90602

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