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Sarginson shuts down Hamby for the Governor's Cup

The 47th Annual Governor's Cup was a success! 8 CIFCA Funny Cars showed up for 8-Car Show at Sacramento Raceway Park on Sept 10th, 2016. Darrin Hamby in his Thunderhorse Racing Funny Car came all the way from Williams, Arizona with a little help from Control Cables Inc. Qualifying went pretty well. Ron Ward from Hanford, CA qualified #1 with a 7.503 and took home the System One's #1 Qualifier Award. Kevin Sarginson from Atwater, CA was right behind him with a 7.510. Sarginson took home the Aeromotive Fuel System's Revolving Qualifier Award. During the second round of qualifying we held our Mike's Transmission Burnout Contest. Ron Ward defended his Burnout Contest Champion Title as Kevin Sarginson came in a close second place. Last but not least Bob Sanguino qualified in the 8th Position taking home IMI's Lucky Dog Award.

On to Eliminations... Well first round Ron Ward took on Darrin Hamby. Hamby qualified in the 5th Position with a 7.411 (7.741) and Ward Qualified #1 with a 7.503. As they were pre-staging the starter notice Ward's car was dripping fuel from the barrel valve and shut him off. Hamby got off a bit lucky on the single as he advanced on to the next round with a 7.411. Mike Troxel and Chris Bates were up next. Bates, who took over the driving job for Dan Whiteman in the Familiar, left Troxel on the line with a .050 light to Troxel's .119 and ran their best of the weekend with a 7.619! Kevin Sarginson and Jim Currie were up next. Sarginson qualified #2 with a 7.510 and Jim Currie went a 7.449 which put him 6th. It was looking to be a good race until Currie's team noticed his wheelie bar's were not pinned. They tried to find and pin but failed to do so and Currie who was in the car was not sure what was going on decided to shut off. Sarginson was on single but the starter wasn't very clear it with his hand signal just kind of waved Sarginson on. He coasted down the track to a 17.968. Last pair was suppsoe to be Tony Trimp & Bob Sanguino. Trimp in the Rough N Ready Racing Team was unable to pull to the line as the had transmission problems and allowed Sanguino to get a single. Sanguino decided to just run it out the back door to a quick 7.218.

Semi Finals - Hamby faced Bates and Sanguino was up against Sarginson. Sarginson was the only guy left from the top half of the ladder as we had a lot of upsets in round 1. Bates, who was killer on the tree all weekend, had a .023 light to Hamby's .125 but he just couldn't hold him off on the top end. Bates ran a 7.809 to Hamby's winning 7.681. The Mear's Mazda Margin of Victory was .026 in favor of Hamby. Then Sarginson tree'd Sanguino! His .048 to Sanguino's .265 forced Sanguino to pretty much run it out the back door and he went way to quick! Sarginson ran a 7.465 to Sanguino's 7.026. The Finals. Hamby had lane choice and decide to take the left lane over Sarginson. It was Sarginson out of the gates first with a .047 light to Hamby's .149. It seems like it was going to be a pretty close race until Hamby had some problems shifting allowing Kevin to take the strip. Kevin lifted a little early to make sure he didn't break out ended up taking the Billet Connection Best Package Award and the WIN. His .047 light and 7.616 put together a .163 package. Hamby ended up running a 9.105. He has a pretty good weekend coming all the way from Arizona to run with us and showing the California boy's he means business. Sarginson shut down Hamby for the 47th Annual Governor's Cup at Sacramento Raceway Park.

Special thanks to Mike Troxel, Ron Ward, Jim Currie and Don Dicero for making some extra exhibition passes. Thank you to all of the CIFCA Teams who showed up and put on a great show. Thank you to our sponsors Good Vibrations Motorsports, Aeromotive Fuel System's, IMI Hi Torque Starters, Mike's Transmission, System One Filters, Control Cables Inc, Mears Mazda & Volvo, Billet Connection, JAZ Products, Fuel Injection Ent, and Total Seal Piston Rings. Thank you Dave Smith for having us at the Sacramento Raceway Park. Thank you to Bare Bones Workwear, Napa Auto Parts and HD Supply for supporting the event. Thanks to Diego Zuniga, Jessica Vargas, and Jim Maher for helping keep the CIFCA Progam running smoothly. Also thank you to Joseph Ortiz for shooting video for us! CIFCA Year End Celebrations Saturday at the California Hot Rod Reunion. Stay Tune for more info. -James Maher CIFCA President

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