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The Best of Texas BBQ Sauce!

We also have a neat deal for 2017 with John Hale's Best of Texas Barbecue Sauce. The Winner of each event will receive a case of the Texas Nitro BBQ Sauce. All they must do is run the decal. I will be giving each team one jar so they can try it.

What's worse than running out of propane? ----> Running out of Best of Texas Barbecue Sauce! ----> Not having enough to share with your friends!

Some background on The Best of Texas BBQ Sauce.. Back in the late 1970's, Terry Myer started making this sauce in her kitchen. Terry took the advice of friends and family who told her to make the sauce to sell in stores. By the mid 90's, she took their advice and began selling her sauce. Terry has been committed for many years to making sure the recipe was perfect! Partnered with her brother Bill, and friends Craig Baebel and Bob Pollard, the team began expanding awareness and sales of Terry's creation. In 2010, customer John Hale purchased a jar of Terry's amazing sauce. Never had he tasted such a combination of flavors melded together; he was hooked! John began negotiations with the team and eventually purchased the recipe from Terry and her team. Originally labeled "Terry's Texas Style Barbecue Sauce", then "John Hale Racing Texas Nitro Barbecue Sauce", we are now rebranded for our entry in to the national retail market."Best of Texas BBQ Sauce" is a culinary treat for your steaks, burgers, chicken, and fish. One taste of this amazing sauce and it will become your favorite "go to" condiment.

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