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Troxel takes Maher to school at the Nite of Fire

CIFCA completed it's 3rd race of 2017 at Sacramento Raceway Park's Nitro Nite of Fire this past weekend.

Friday Night we had our 1st Round of Qualifying & almost everyone ran too quick. Everyone was able to make a pass except Jim Currie. He had an issue shortly after firing up on the starting line and was shut off. Bob Sanguino also had an interesting run as he kissed the wall about 900ft and ran a 7.51! Unfortunately for him we had to throw that run out. They worked all night to get the car back ready for Q.2

2nd Round of Qualifying was really good. Dave Matson took home the Mike's Transmission Burnout Contest Award. Jim Currie was able to take the System One #1 Qualifier award with his 7.530. James Maher followed with a 7.541. Bob Sanguino took home the Aeromotive Revolving Qualifier Award as he qualified #3 with his 7.637.

Final Qualifying Order 1. Jim Currie - '96 Camaro - 7.530 at 177.56 mph

2. James Maher '84 Tempo - 7.541 at 180.14 mph

3. Bob Sanguino - '00 Intergra - 7.637 at 134.06 mph

4. Mike Troxel - '92 Trans Am - 7.644 at 173.74 mph

5. Dave Matson - '69 Camaro - 7.842 at 193.02 mph*

6. Tony Trimp - '86 Vette - 8.047 at 176.10*

* Broke Out - Corrected Times Show

Mike Troxel raced Jim Currie. Unfortunately for Jim he was shut off after the burnout. Troxel took the easy single 7.673 at 174.14. Troxel also took home the SCE Bounty Hunter Award for taking out the #1 Qualifier. Tony Trimp & Bob Sanguino paired off next. Unfortunately for Bob he was unable to fire. Trimp cut a killer .003 light, which earned him the Good Vibrations Motorsports quick reaction time award, and ran it out the back the door to a 7.273 at 186.64 mph. Maher & Matson closed out first round of eliminations with a close race. Matson was off the line first with a .042 light to Maher's .097 light. On the top end Maher's 7.560 at 179.35 mph was good enough to beat Matson's 7.667 at 152.54 mph.


Troxel had a bye run as he was on the top side of the ladder. He laid down a killer burnout for the crowd. Troxel ran a 7.655 at 181.45 mph with a .129 reaction time. On the flip side of the ladder #1 & #2 in the Good Vibrations Motorsports points standings faced off. Trimp & Maher were dead even off the line .062 even though Maher went in deep. On the top end Maher's 7.580 at 170.28 defeated Trimp's 7.784 at 175.39. Trimp's first loss of the season.

Final Round

This is the first time Troxel & Maher faced each other. Troxel went in deep to cut his best reaction time of the weekend. His .068 light to Maher's .086. Going in deep was able to throw Maher off just enough to cause him to back pedal off the starting line and was left chasing Troxel down. Troxel's 7.544 at 169.23 mph schooled Maher's 7.653 at 179.11 mph. Troxel took home the Billet Connection Best Package Award & the win!

Thank you to Sacramento Raceway Park for hosting us. We will be back in September for our fourth race of our season. Special thanks to our sponsors for continue to support us and to all of the teams who showed up and worked their butts of to put on a descent show. Last but not least thank you to all the fans for showing up and supporting the event. Without you guys we wouldn't be able to do what we do!

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