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Good Vibes March Meet - CIFCA & NWBBFC Results

Good Vibrations Motorsports March (May) Meet Featuring CIFCA Funny Cars Submitted by: James Maher June 7, 2021

The California Independent Funny Car Association (CIFCA) had their second race of the 2021 season. It was their first time to Famoso Raceway & first time at the Good Vibrations Motorsports March Meet. CIFCA ran the full ¼ mile on a 7.10 index. They were joined by the Northwest BB/FC Association who run on a 6.75 index.

There was 3 rounds of qualifying. Tony Trimp took the System 1 #1 Qualifier spot with a 7.102 just .002 off perfect. Rick Alvarado took home the D&P Revolving Qualifier award with the #2 spot, a 7.132. Alvarado also won the best reaction time in qualifying session #2 put up by Wayne Lederer. Darrin Hamby followed closely with a 7.145 for the number 3 spot. Jim Maher ran a 7.152 and James Maher followed with a 7.160 to take the 4th and 5th position. Jim Maher managed to get the Enderle Quick Reaction Time Award and Good Vibrations Motorsports best package as he went .007 and 7.097 in round number 3 of qualifying. Pete Ortiz Jr made his season debut with the Control Cables Longest tow award, a new power plant and new paint scheme! He slipped into the #6 spot and was followed by Johnny Kirschenman. Ortiz also claimed the Mike’s Transmission Burnout Contest Award.

The NWBBFC qualifying went smooth with Jesse Welch from Wenatchee, WA in his 79 Omni took home the System 1 #1 Spot a 6.761 at 203.95 mph. Brett Lammers, from Green Valley Arizona, took the D&P Revolving Qualifier #2 Spot with a 6.778. Steve Cluck, from Nampa Idaho, slid into the number 3 position with a 6.872. Mark Tarabochia, from No Plains, OR, in his 70 Cuda took the #4 position in a 6.928. Don Harter, from East Wenatchee Washington, took the Mike’s Transmission Burnout Contest & the #5 spot with a 7.081. Ralph Hubbert in his 70 Camaro from Chelalis WA was way too quick with a 6.50 which put him at the back of the pack.

First round of eliminations for the CIFCA Funny Cars had Darrin Hamby & Pete Ortiz lined against each other for the first time in years. Unfortunately, Hamby left before the tree was activated handing the win to Ortiz. Trimp had a solo as he qualified #1 and Alvarado had a solo as Johnny Kirschenman was unable to make the call as he hurt the engine in qualifying. They paired up for a little exhibition race, in which Trimp took the win with a 7.122 but both would advance into the semi-finals. The Maher’s found themselves up against each other in round #1. They only faced each other one other time up at Samoa Dragstrip in which Jim Maher got the win as James’ red lit. This time around James Maher was off the line first with a .056 to Jim’s .094 and at the stripe James’ clocked a 7.120 to defeated Jim’s quicker but losing 7.105. Margin of Victory .0232 of a second.

For the NWBBFC #1 & #2 qualifiers both got bye into the semi-finals but lined up for some good old fashion exhibition. Brett Lammers, in his 1980s Datsun 280z, beat Jesse Welch. Lammers 6.681 to Welch’s 6.628 both were too quick on the 6.75 index, but both would advance into the semi-finals. Next up was Don Harter vs Mark Tarabochia and unfortunately Tarabochia lost fire after the burnout (due to a magneto issue). Harter took the easy win with a 7.326 at only 154 mile per hour. Steve Cluck took down Ralph Hubbert on a hole shot. Cluck’s .099 and 6.803 beat Hubbert’s .123 light and quicker but losing 6.800.

The Semi-Finals kicked off on Sunday as Tony Trimp took on James Maher. A rematch from the finals just a few weeks ago at Sacramento Raceway Park. Both were almost dead even off the line, with a slight advantage to Maher .010 to Trimp’s .015. Maher again had to back pedal and chase Trimp down. Fortunately for Maher, Trimp went just under the index with a 7.098 handing the win over to James Maher who clocked a 7.386 at 191.48 mph. Similar situation on the flip side of the ladder. Pete Ortiz Jr had a huge starting line advantage with an .019 lit to Alvarado’s .125 but by half-track Alvarado was pulling away. Alvarado tried to lift early but still ran 6.95 at only 179 which was too quick on the 7.10 index and Ortiz ran a 7.473 to advance into the final round.

The NWBFC Semi-Finals was teammates Jesse Welch in the 79 Omni & Don Harter in the 78 Corvette. They were almost dead even off the line Welch with a .179 to Harter’s .180 and at the finish line it was Welch with a 6.772 over Harter’s 6.97. On the other side of the ladder Steve Cluck manger to take out Brett Lammers, in a double break out. Lammers had a better reaction time .095 to Cluck’s .230 but Lammers ran a 6.712 against Cluck’s 6.746. Cluck would advance to face Welch in the final round of the Good Vibrations Motorsports March Meet.

The Final round in CIFCA, James Maher vs Pete Ortiz Jr. Ortiz driving the 97 Cutlass known as the “Outcast.” Maher in the 1984 Ford Tempo known as Junior Vibes. Ortiz first CIFCA final round, Maher’s 2nd of the year. Ortiz was off the line first with a .046 light to Maher’s .161 but by half track Maher was able to run Ortiz down and take the stripe. Maher’s 7.143 turned on the win light against Ortiz’s 7.382. James Maher won his first CIFCA race of 2021 and his first Good Vibrations Motorsports March Meet!

The finals for the Northwest double B Funny Cars featured Steve Cluck & Jesse Welch. Cluck was slightly better in reaction time .149 over Welch’s .177 but at the stripe Welch clocked a quicker but loosing 6.651 handing the win over to Cluck who also ran to quick with a 6.726. Double break out for the Double B funny cars but Steve Cluck, who broke out by less, got to take home the Good Vibrations Motorsports March Meet Trophy!

Thanks to all of our sponsors for supporting CIFCA this season. Good Vibrations Motorsports, Enderle Fuel injection, Billet Connection, D&P Torque Converters, Mike’s Transmission, IMI Hi Torque Starters, SCE Gaskets, System One Fuel Filters, Control Cables Inc, and Stith Printing Inc. Special thanks to the Bower family at Famoso Raceway for inviting both circuits. Finally thank you to all the CIFCA & NWBBFC teams who showed up. CIFCA’s next event is June 19th at Samoa Dragstrip.


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