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Rishton Whips ‘Em

For Immediate Release

Race Report, Submitted: Jim Maher

Southwestern Int’l Raceway (June 12, 1999): The 1999 race season is shaping up to be anything but status quo. The new blood coming into CIFCA are giving the veterans a run for their money. Fifteen funny car teams showed up in Tucson which produced a top notched 8 car field. Robert Lee of Whittier, CA led qualifying but surprisingly failed to make the first round call. He has taken over the points lead by a slim margin.

Veteran Tony and Lori Rishton found the right combination to produce a string of 7.60's passes to send the competition packing. They faced relatively newcomer Chill Scardino in the final round. The Scardino clan have made leaps and bounds in their very short CIFCA career. This Phoenix, AZ based team started running on the CIFCA circuit late last year and are now performing like a veteran. They lost a close one to the Rishton Addiction Beretta in the money round. The Rishtons also pocketed the Perma-Cool Burnout Challenge $100 bonus.

A few of the major upsets were first round losses by Mike Hilsabeck and Jimmy Scott (7.49 & 7.48 breakouts, respectively). Gary and Sean Dale, who came into this race with the points lead, failed to qualify. Hilsabeck took home the Enderle Quick Reaction time bucks.

This race was one of the finest in CIFCA's 15 year history. The rookies are hanging tough with the veterans which should result in a very interesting season. It was ran on schedule with consistent side-by-side racing. Hats off to the management at Southwestern Int’l Raceway. Their race facility is one of the finest on the west coast. It has a very smooth surface, excellent lighting and well organized staff.

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