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Lee Outlast Record Coors 32 FC Field

Race Report: May 13, 2000

Coors 32 Funny Cars

Submitted by: Jim Maher

May 13, 2000 (Firebird Int'l Raceway). One of the most prestigious stops on the CIFCA circuit is the Coors 32 Funny Cars held in Phoenix, AZ. This annual event consisted of 8 nitro FC, 8 Top Alcohol FC and an all-time record of 19 CIFCA funny cars.

Mike Savage of Tucson piloted Jim Broome's Firenza to the number 1 position with a 7.53. In a rematch of last week final, Savage fell to Sean Dale during first round of eliminations. 1999 CIFCA champ Robert Lee muscled his blown BBC powered Firebird past Steve Tryon, Mike Hilsabeck and Ross Stickler to earn a spot in the final.

Lee's competition would be first-time finalist Mike Halstead at the wheel of the Clement & Robertson Tempo. Halstead of Fontana, CA was having his best outing ever at the expense of Dick Spencer, Gary Kortz and Sean Dale.

Lee vs. Halstead. 1999 Points Champion vs. Hired Gun. Halstead put a tenth in the bank off the line but Lee drove around on the top end with a 7.55 - 7.69 victory. Margin of victory: a slim .066 seconds!

Bob Godfrey left the track a $100 richer thanks to his .405 light, courtesy of Enderle Fuel Injection. Hilsabeck smoked the competition (again!) during the Perma-Cool Burnout Challenge netting his Arizona Thunder team a 100 bucks.

A record turnout coupled with superb performances. Side-by-side racing with no breakage. The CIFCA circuit is enjoying tremendous success and good times. Thanks to all of the teams for their untiring efforts and dedication. Special thanks to Charlie Allen and his professional staff at Firebird Raceway for hosting CIFCA largest race to date.

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