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Steve Tryon Takes Win and Points Lead

Race Report: For Immediate Release

Submitted by: Jim Maher

Aug 19, 2000 (Rocky Mountain Raceways): After a decade of racing on the CIFCA circuit, Steve Tryon has found himself on top of the point's battle. This cagey veteran has been a consistent Top Five Finisher but the Championship has alluded him.

What was originally slated as an 8-car field escalated into a 16-car show after a record showing of CIFCA funny cars ascended onto Salt Lake. Tryon lost in the first round of eliminations, along with other heavy hitters including Mike Hilsabeck and Jim Broome/Savage. But Tryon got a lucky break and was reinstated under the fast loser rule when only 7 cars were available for the quarterfinals.

Tryon capitalized on the break and went on to meet newcomer Martin LaHaug in the final. LaHaug was enjoying a very successful CIFCA debut in his Baker City, OR based Thunderbird. But when the dust had settled it was Tryon's Bad Company Corvette in Rocky Mountains Raceway's winner's circle with a several round points lead over Hilsabeck.

Marty Hill won the Perma-Cool Burnout Challenge while Ross Stickler scored the Enderle Quick Reaction Time bucks. Special thanks to the following sponsors: Auto Glass Express, Nextel, Sun Lithograph and South Valley Motorsports.

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