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Dales Scores Win & Points Lead

Race Report

Submitted by: Jim Maher

July 21, 2001 (Top Gun Raceway): CIFCA's annual trek to Top Gun Raceway in Fallon, Nevada was a successful one. At last year's event, 10 teams showed for an 8-car show. This year's event drew 18 funny cars for a very stout 16-car field. This race would play a crucial role in the sponsored CIFCA series.

Jim Maher qualified on the pole with a near perfect 7.504. He was followed closely by Mike Savage at the wheel of Jim Broome's Olds (7.506). Savage, your defending race and series champion, would make it to the final round.

Savage quest to the final began with a first round victory over Pete Ortiz in Guy Gloudemans' Olds. He then held back the Perma-Cool Burnout Challenge winner Mike Halstead. During the semi's, Savage posted an uncontested 7.493 breakout to earn a spot in the money round.

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Working his way down the other side of the ladder was Gary Dale with son Sean at the controls. The Dales took out 1999 Series Champion Robert Lee in the opening frame with a 7.51 and then sent Adam Sorokin packing in a double breakout (7.44 -7.46). In the semi-finals, it was Dales' Shakey Situation Camaro against Steve Tyron's Bad Company Corvette. Tryon showed the fans both side of his 1959 Corvette at about 500' while Dales took the win light.

The points lead changed twice during the event and was about to change again. Savage left first at the green and drove to another breakout 7.49 pass while Dale skated his way into the winner's circle and the CIFCA points lead. Tryon held the point's lead for one round and left with the Enderle Quick Reaction Time bucks.

Special thanks to Cashmen Equipment and Berry Hinckley Industries for their support of this race.

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