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Mother Nature Declared Winner; Final Round to be Contested at Sacto Gov Cup

Race Report: Aug 23, 2003

Submitted by: Jim Maher

Aug 23, 2003 (Western Colorado Dragway): What started out as a Colorado picture perfect day slowly deteriorated with high winds and threatening thunderstorms. Qualifying went very smooth with Mike Savage placing Jim Broome’s Firebird in the top slot with a 7.52. Val Richards anchored the 8-car field with a 7.88.

First round produced some very close racing. Savage barely held Sean Dale with a 7.583 – 7.595 win. Michael Irwin’s 7.626 sent Richard’s 7.700 home early. Dennis La Charite 7.566 victory over Steve Macklyn kept in the chase for the championship. Chill Scardino put the brakes on Jim Maher with a 7.52 – 7.48 upset.

The semi-finals were run under adverse conditions. High crosswinds, a sandy track and a dark track made driving a challenge. La Charite and Scardino emerged unscratched after some serious back-pedaling to the crowd’s delight. The remainder of the race was canceled shortly thereafter.

The final round will be contested during the 2nd qualifying session at the Sacto Gov’t Cup on Sept 13.

Thanks to the Chill Factor & Shakey Situation teams for arriving early on Friday to participate in the annual pre-race promotions in downtown Grand Junction. Special thanks to the members of the Western Colorado Dragway for their hard work in making this dragstrip a competitive stop on the CIFCA circuit.

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