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Super Chevy Show Results - Southwestern International Raceway Tucson, AZ

Ward Smeared Mears! Ron Ward took down Ron Ward in the final at the Super Chevy Show in Tucson!

California Independent Funny Car Association (CIFCA) has return to SWIR for the 2nd time this year. 9 CIFCA Funny Cars showed up to an 8 car show! Thanks to Andy Mears, Lyle Byrum, Ray Stringer, Ron Ward, Darrin Hamby, Michael Halstead, Mike Boettcher, Pat Neal, and Tony D'Oca for coming out.

Byrum led the way in qualifying as he took home the System 1's #1 Qualifier money with a 7.52 ET. Halstead received the Cogswell Marine & Motorsport's Lucky Dog award for getting super lucky on his first qualifying passing. Halstead lifted about 800ft an ran 7.58 which held on to the #2 spot. Ron Ward finished off the top 3 while taking home to Aeromotive Fuel System's Revolving Qualifier money.

Round one of elimnations kicked off with a lot of "fast passes". Ray Stringer took down #1 qualifer, Lyle Byrum and took home the SCE Gaske'ts Bounty Hunter money. Byrum went a tad to quick with a 7.496 to Stringer's 7.575. Then Tony D'Oca went too quick with a 7.398 against Ward's 7.58. Then Halstead was trying to fender race Andy Mears, which didn't really work out, as Halstead ran 7.109 to Mear's 7.413. The last pair out was Darrin Hamby vs Pat Neal. Hamby was out of the gate first .078 light to Neal's .091 but on the top end Neal's 7.740 would be good enough to hold off Hamby's 7.769. Neal took home the Total Seal "Seal the Deal" money with a MOV .0162.

Ward brought his A game to the same final against Stringer. Ward laid down a killer package, .024 off perfect. His reaction time was .021 and on the top end he pulled off a 7.503! Stringer joined the breakout club with 7.417. Mears kind of had the easier side of the ladder. As both of his competitors ran way to quick with 7.10s. Andy ended up going a 7.496 which was good enough to take down Neal's 7.108.

The Finals all set. Andy Mears who has ran with the Southwest Supercharger guys for many years against Ron Ward who traveled the farthest (13 hours) to race with us. Neither have won a CIFCA final. Mears runnered up earlier this year against Byrum and with this final round appreance puts him in the current points lead. Ward was first off the line with an .034 to Mear's .109 and at the top end Ward ran a 7.606 to Mear's faster but losing 7.552! Ward took home his first CIFCA win ever on a holeshot. Mears with his second runner up of the year would hold on to the current points lead. The next race for both of these drivers would be the Governor's Cup in Sacramento, CA

Bonus Programs - Sponsors Request you to run the stickers to get the $$ Winner - $700 Runner Up - $500 3rd - 4th -$425 / 375 Lose First Round - $200 Exhibition Hits (Sunday) - $100 (Maximum 2 per team) Tow Money $0.35 / mile after 100 miles Maximum Paid per team $350 Minimum Paid $25 (Example 101 miles)

  • Aeromotive Fuel Systems Revolving Qualifier - (Awarded to the #1 Qualifier at the first race... #3 Qualifier at the 3rd) - Ron ward

  • The Blower Shop's Best Package - (Perfect Package 7.5000... RT: .400 - Closest to Perfect During Eliminations w/o going under) - Ron Ward

  • System 1's Number 1 Qualifier - (#1 Qualifier after Q.2) - Lyle Brym

  • Good Vibrations Motorsports Quick Reaction Time - (Quickest Reaction Time without going red...) - Ron Ward

  • Mike's Transmission's Burnout Contest - (During Q.2 Longest Burnout / Chosen by the Fans) - Ron Ward

  • SCE Gasket's Bounty Hunter Program - (The #1 Qualifier will have a $100 bounty on him)

  • Total Seal - "Seal the Deal" (Awarded during Eliminations to the driver who wins by the slightest MOV) - Pat Neal

  • ReplayXD "Official Action Camera of CIFCA" - ReplayXD Mini Action Camera - (Awarded to the Winner) - Ron Ward

  • Control Cables Inc Longest Tow - (To the team who made the longest Tow) - Ron Ward

  • Cogswell Marine's Lucky Dog Bonus Program Winner - Michael Halstead

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