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It's Happy Hour for the Rough-N-Ready Team

CIFCA Governor’s Cup Recap Submitted by: James Maher September 26, 2017

The California Independent Funny Car Association (CIFCA) held their fourth race of their 2017 season at Sacramento Raceway Park during the 48th Annual Governor’s Cup. This event resulted in the best CIFCA show of 2017 with 11 teams vying for 8 spots and Championship points.

Tony Trimp, the current CIFCA points leader, was the System 1 Number One Qualifier as he put up a near perfect 7.503 on the 7.50 index. Darrin Hamby was second with a 7.53 while James Maher finished up the top three on a 7.57 pass. Pete Ortiz was the IMI Hi Torque Starter’s Lucky Dog by slipping into the number eight spot on a 7.29 run; he also won the Mike’s Transmission’s Burnout Contest during the final qualifying session.

Mike Troxel, who defeated Maher in CIFCA’s third race, the Nitro Night of Fire, found himself in a rematch in round number one. Maher was out of the gate first and on the top end it was a double break-out with Maher’s 7.453 defeating Troxel’s 7.439. Trimp also had a rematch in round one against Chris Bates who he defeated earlier this year at the Funny Car Fever. Bates is usually off the line first but this time Trimp got the jump on the tree with a .030 light to Bate’s .089. At the stripe Trimp’s 7.586 defeated Bate’s 7.895.

Bates vs Ortiz

On the flip side of the ladder Hamby lined up against number six qualifier Bob Sanguino. Things got a little shaky as Sanguino had a breather line come loose about half track which put oil down on his right rear tire. Sanguino hopped over into Hamby’s lane and took out some cones. Luckily, no one got injured and just a little bit of cosmetic damage to the front of Sanguino’s car. Finally, we had Ken Breneisen, the Aeromotive Revolving Qualifier recipient, against Pete Ortiz. Ortiz off the line with a .046 light to Breneisen unusual late .236 and it was a big fender race. Both guys were on and off the throttle through-out the run as they were trying to not run under the 7.50 index. Breneisen ended up taking the stripe with a 8.029 to Ortiz’s 8.655. Note: Ortiz ran low ET of the event in testing with a 6.64 at 212mph.

Trimp and Maher met in the semi-final round as they were number one and two respectively in the Champion Points series presented by Good Vibrations Motorsports. Maher knew he would have to cut a light against Trimp and unfortunately, he pushed the tree a little too much going .058 red but still ran it out to a 7.628 as Trimp cut a .028 and then clicked it early as he knew the race was over. Hamby with his 1997 Firbird powered by

489 BBC Chevy met up with Breneisen’s 1996 Camaro with a 446 Donovan. Breneisen cut a killer .022, which took home the Good Vibrations Motorsports quick reaction time award, over Hamby’s .087 but it wasn’t enough to hold off Hamby. At the stripe Hamby’s 7.729 at only 141.92mph defeated Breneisen’s 7.848 at 153.53mph.

To finish off the event it was Hamby, who was runner up at last year Governor’s Cup, against the current CIFCA Points leader. Trimp in Harvey William’s 1986 “Happy Hour” Corvette with a 505 BBC put on a dominating performance all year. Hamby decided to deep stage against Trimp but it cost him as he went -.029 red. The final was over from there as both cars ran to about 1100ft to finish off the 48th Annual Governor’s Cup. Trimp took home the 48th Governor’s Cup and more importantly, the 2017 CIFCA Championship.

Thanks to all of our sponsors for supporting CIFCA this season. Good Vibrations Motorsports, Aeromotive Fuel Systems, Billet Connection, Mike’s Transmission, SCE Gaskets, System One Fuel Filters, Control Cables Inc, Stith Printing Inc, and IMI Hi Torque Starters. Special thanks to the Smith family at Sacramento Raceway for having us. Finally thank you to all the CIFCA teams who raced with us this year so far. We have our last race of the 2017 season this weekend at Tucson Dragway’s Fall Fuel Extravaganza presented by Good Vibrations Motorsports.

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