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No Repeat Winner as Season Reaches Midway

For Immediate Release

Race Report

Submitted by: Jim Maher

Southwestern Int'l Raceway (June 24, 2000): The California Independent Funny Car Association is enjoying another banner year with record car counts and lack of dominance. As the West Coast circuit passed the mid point, there has yet to be a repeat winner. The rookies are hanging tough with the veterans making for some great racing. And the fans are reaping the benefits.

The CIFCA circuit entertained a very large Tucson crowd with local favorite Mike Savage piloting Jim Broomes' Olds to the #1 qualifier spot. Mike Hilsabeck won his 5th straight Perma-Cool Burnout Challenge while placing second. Neither of these two teams would make it the finals as they both fell in the opening round.

Raising havoc was Steve Tryon coming off a strong win one week earlier in Grand Junction, CO. Tryon overcame a .405 light by Buzz Miller (Enderle Quick Reaction Time bucks) to meet Gary Kortz in the quarter-finals. There he matched his qualifier time (7.581) and won by .001 seconds. During the semis, Tryon put an end to CHP Dave McDannel career. McDannel is hanging up the driving gloves after 37 years of racing. We wish him the very best.

Meeting Tryon in the final was Chill Scardino and his Chill Factor Daytona. Scardino Defeated Glenn Tucker in the first round and trailered Ross Stickler and held back Ed Schwarz during the semis. Tryon vs. Scardino. Veteran vs. Rookie. Tryon knows what victory taste like while Scardino is longing for his first. It took Scardino only 7.56 seconds to get his taste as he defeated Tryon in a very close final.

How long will this no repeat streak go on? Hard to say except that there was not a repeat all last year. The CIFCA circuit has matured into a very competitive and affordable funny car circuit. Hope you're enjoying the ride.

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