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Broome wins the Battle, Maher the War

Race Report

Submitted by: Jim Maher

September 29, 2001 (Southwestern Int'l Raceway): The point's battle for the California Independent Funny Car Association (CIFCA) came down to the Season Finale. Better titled the upset nationals, the top points leaders bowed out in the first round allowing a shuffling of the Top Five positions on the series.

Jim Broome came into the race 4th in points. With Mike Savage behind the wheel, this duo battled their way into the final round. They took out 2nd place Sean Dale in the opening frame ending his hope for the title. Savage then clicked off a near perfect 7.506 to send Pete Ortiz jr. backing. A red light gift by Jim Carter during the semis guaranteed Broome/Savage a spot in the money round.

Mike Hilsabeck was slicing his way down the other side of the ladder. He used a 7.509 to dispose of rookie Adam Sorokin and then held back the wild Willys of Shane Westring. Hilsabeck played spoiler when he stopped Jim Scott in the semis advancing the Arizona Thunder into the final.

The final round epitomizes the type of racing we've seen all year. Hilsabeck slapped a .422 holeshot on Savage and but drove it out the back door to a 7.48 breakout. Broome/Savage would clock a 7.52 enroute to the winner circle and 2nd place in points. Ortiz won the Perma-Cool Burnout Challenge while Jim Scott staked claim for the Enderle Quick Reaction Time bucks (.417).

Jim Maher clinched his 4th CIFCA series title earlier in the day with his Good Vibrations Camaro. Dale dropped to 3rd while Jim Scott moved into 4th. Steve Tryon rounded out the Top Five.

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