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CIFCA's Final Race of 2015 - The Governor's Cup at Sacramento Raceway September 11 & 12,

Ward wins the battle but Trimp wins the War!

The California Independent Funny Car Association (CIFCA) held their final race of their comeback season at Sacramento Raceway Park during the 46th Annual Governor’s Cup. This event resulted in the best CIFCA show of 2015 with 11 teams vying got 8 spots and Championship points. Andy Mears traveled all the way from Texas as he was currently 2nd in the CIFCA points standings presented by Good Vibrations Motorsports. Going into the race the top 5 points leaders were: 1st Tony Trimp, 2nd Andy Mears, 3rd Mike Troxel, 4th Lyle Byrum and 5th Ron Ward.

Troxel and Mears ended up facing each other in round one as Mears was the System One #1 Qualifier and Troxel was awarded the Aeromotive Fuel System’s Revolving qualifier at #5. Mears was out of the gate first with a .057 light to Troxel’s adnormal .152 and on the top end Mears’ 7.535 was good enough to beat Troxel’s 7.566. In the next round Trimp was up against Mears for the CIFCA Championship. If Mears won the round he would have to win the race to be crowned the CIFCA champion; If Trimp won the round he would be the champion. Trimp left first with a killer .017 light to Mears’ .047 and on the top end Trimp’s 7.513 was good enough for The Blower Shop Best Package, the Good Vibrations Motorsports Quick Reaction Time and most important the Victory over Mears’ 7.487. Trimp had the CIFCA Championship in the bag now had to beat Ward in the final for Governor Cup. Ward needed to win the race to take 2nd place in the CIFCA point’s series. Again it was Trimp out of the gate first with a .050 light to Ward’s .128 but this time Trimp was a tad too quick running a 7.498 (7.50 index) to Ward’s 7.512. Ward took home the Cogswell Marine & Motorsports lucky dog award and the Sacto Cup. Ron Ward won the race though Tony Trimp won the war!

Thanks to all of our sponsors for supporting CIFCA this season. Good Vibrations Motorsports, Aeromotive Fuel Systems, The Blower Shop, Mike’s Transmission, SCE Gaskets, System One Fuel Filters, Control Cables Inc, Fuel Injection Ent, Stith Printing Inc., Cogswell Marine & Motorsports, and Mears Mazda & Volvo. Special thanks to the Smith family at Sacramento Raceway for having us. Last but not least thank you to all the CIFCA teams who raced with us this year and to the CIFCA staff, Jessica Vargas, Brian Chavez, Diego Zuniga, Jim and James Maher.

The Final is Set! Andy Mears lost to Tony Trimp in the semi finals. The closest race of the day! Trimp cut a .017 light to Mears's .047 on the top end Trimp's 7.513 was good enough for The Blower Shop best package and for the win over Mear's 7.487 - On the other side of the ladder Ron Ward took down Paul Peterson! Ward had a descent light .083 and Peterson had an abnormal .205 light. On the top end Ward ran it out the back door with a 7.559 as Peterson tried to chase him down, his 7.570 just wasn't enough. Trimp will have lane choice going into the final over Ward.

The Semis are Set!

Round One of Eliminations!

Final Qualifying!

First Round of Qualifying!

1. Mike Troxel 7.623

2. Pete Peterson 7.806*

3. Andy Mears 7.846*

4. Ron Ward 7.858*

5. Chris Rea 7.91

6. Tony Trimp 8.13*

7. Charles Ware 8.266*

8. Shaun Bryan 8.328

9. Dan Whiteman 8.564

10. Bobby Sanguino No Time

*Breakout ________________________________________________________________________________________ Come on out to CIFCA's Final Race of the year as current points leader Tony Trimp, the driver of the Rough-N-Ready Funny Car try to hold off the pack. This is the 5th and final race of 2015. You don't want to miss it! (Schedule at the bottom)

More info regarding the Governor's Cup click the image above Click to View Curernt Points Standings Drivers Current Listed to run this event: 1 Tony Trimp 2. Mike Troxel 3. Andy Mears. 4. Ron ward

5. Kevin Sarginson 6. Shaun Bryan 7. Dan Whiteman 8. Andre Pegues 9. Becky Sylvester 10. Bobby Sanguino 11. Charles Ware 12. Ken Brensien 13. Pete Peterson

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