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Troxel Takes Down Bryan at FCF

CIFCA's kicked off its first race of the season at Sacramento Raceway park for their Funny Car Fever Event! 7 Funny Cars showed up for the event. Dan Whiteman broke Friday in testing and wasn't able to get the car fixed.

Harvey Williams and the Rough-N-Ready Racing gang released their new paint scheme “Happy Hour” on Saturday. They were up all night Friday putting the funny car together. In qualifying session number one Trimp cut a .007 reaction time which was good enough for the Good Vibrations Motorsports quick light award and then laid down a 7.503. Which was a very impressive number considering they hadn’t made any test hits after putting the new bullet in the car.

We had three qualifying sessions on Saturday. Originally we were scheduled to have two qualifying sessions and first round of eliminations. We worked with the track to modify our schedule into more of a Chicago style format due to the lack of cars. In qualifying session number 3 we held our Mike's Transmission Burnout Contest. Ron Ward did a killer 900ft burnout to defend his 2015 title. Shaun Bryan made an impressive 7.504 which put him second. However, the car back fired on the top end as the fuel pump went lean. The team worked hard through the night to put the car back together for Sunday. While Troxel went 7.518 which put him #3. However, Trimp’s 7.503 from qualifing session #1 held on to the Aeromotive Revolving Qualifier Award going into Sunday.

Final Qualifying Order: #1 7.503 – Tony Trimp #2 7.504 – Shaun Bryan #3 7.518 – Mike Troxel #4 7.789 – Ron Ward #5 8.191 – Bob Sanguino #6 8.365 – Aaron Wardell

Sunday we went right into eliminations. Due to the lack of cars we did a modified Chicago Style. 1 vs 6 – 2 vs 5 – 3 vs 4 – The Two Winning passes closest to the index would advance to the final.

Aaron Wardell def. Tony Trimp as Trimp went .003 red handing the win over to Wardell who ran only 14 second as he went into some tire shake early in the run. Troxel def. Ward as Ward was asleep at the line with a .399 light to Troxel’s .116 light. Troxel ran a 7.571 to Ward’s 7.344. Bryan def. Sanguino as Sanguino carried the wheels about 200ft out before he had to lift and he tried to pedal it a couple times but Bryan was too far ahead. Bryan clocked a 7.906 at only 139 mph to Sanguino’s 9.41.

In the final round Troxel was consistent on the tree with another .116 light which was better than Bryan’s .222. On the top end Troxel’s 7.596 elapse time was enough to defeated Bryan’s 7.606. Thank you to Sacramento Raceway Park for having CIFCA at their Funny Car Fever Event. We will be back for the Governor’s Cup in September and possibly for the Fox Hunt in July. However, we have not inked the deal for the Fox Hunt.


James Maher

CIFCA President.

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