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2017 Funny Car Fever & Nostalgia Reunion at Sacramento Raceway Park April 1 & 2

Funny Car Fever’s Nostalgia Reunion is part of NHRA’s Hot Rod Heritage Series. Racers are competing for $30,000 cash, NHRA Coveted Wallys and Heritage Series Points. Discounted tickets can be purchased online for a limited time.

The California Independent Funny Car Association is kicking of their season opener April 1 & 2 at the Funny Car Fever. Mike Troxel defeated Shaun Bryan in the final last year. He is looking to defend his title. James Maher is looking to make his debut in his 1984 Ford Tempo known as Jr Vibes. Kevin Sarginson who won the Governor's Cup last year is ready. Jim Currie is ready as well as Chris Bates. Harvey Williams and the Rough-N-Ready Team with Tony Trimp at the wheel is trying to get it back together after hurting their engine at the Good Vibrations Motorsports March Meet. Trevor Larkin is looking to make the haul from Tucson Arizona and Darrin Hamby is thinking about it. Bob Sanguino is looking forward to the event.

We can't thank our Sponsors Enough! Good Vibrations Motorsports is once again supporting our Quick Reaction Time & Championship Points Fund. Mike's Transmission is in full support of our Burnout Contest! System 1 is supporting our #1 Qualifier. SCE Gaskets is supporting our Bounty Hunter program. Control Cables has the longest tow taken care of. Aeromotive Fuel System is back with the Revolving Qualifier Program. The Billet Connection Best Package bonus program is also a go! Stith Printing Inc is working our 2017 CIFCA T-Shirts.

Note: The Below info is from Sacramento Raceway Park's Website as of 3/8/17 (Subject to Change)


Thursday March 30 8:00 AM: Gates open for front lot stacking 4:00 PM-7:00 PM: 3-day Ticket Sales ONLY and Parking

Friday March 31 10:00 AM: Gates open for 3-Day Ticket Sales ONLY and Parking 2:00 PM- 6:00 PM: Test & Tune $50 extra (must have a 3-Day Wristband to purchase testing tech card) 6:00 PM: Nitro FC Exhibition TT 6:30 PM: Ticket Booth Closed (tickets sales end, only re-entry with wristband allowed) 11:00 PM: Gates Closed, NO Re-Entry

SATURDAY APRIL 1 8:00 AM-7:00 PM: Gates Open 12:00 Noon: Spectator Side Gate #3 Opens 10:30 AM: Q1-Nostalgia Categories 12:30 PM: CIFCA Funny Cars Q1, AA/Supercharged 1:00 PM: Q2-Nostalgia Categories 3:00: Cackle Fire Push Start Lunch Break and Track Prep 4:15 PM: (Hot Rod, E/D/C Gas, NE3) E1

Opening Ceremonies 5:00 PM: Nitro Funny Cars, AA/Supercharged E1, CIFCA Q2 5:30 PM: (NE2/1, B/A Gas, 7.0 Pro, Jr Fuel, A/Fuel) E1 7:00 PM: CIFCA E1, Nitro Funny Cars, AA/Supercharged 7:30 PM: Parade and Cackle Fire Static Start – Up Close In Front of the Stands! 7:30 PM: Ticket Booth Closed (ticket sales end) 11:00 PM: Gates Closed, NO Re-Entry


8:00 AM: Gates Open for all Spectators and Racers 9:00 AM: Car Show Along the Oval Track Fence and Staging Lanes! 11:00 AM: Nostalgia Categories E2 (HR, Gassers, NE, 7.0 Pro, Jr Fuel, A Fuel) 12:00 PM: Lunch Break 12:30 PM: CIFCA E2 1:00 PM: Nostalgia Categories E3 1:30 PM: CIFCA Funny Cars E3 1:45 PM: Continue Elims to Finals 11:00 PM – Monday 8 AM: Gates Closed

PHOTOGRAPHS:Only Hard Card photographers are allowed in the restricted area(beyond the red line, starting line, spectator side of drag strip, push road) If your crew member is found taking photographs in this area they will be asked to leave the facility. You can contact one of our track photographers to obtain photographs of your car.

PAYOUTS: At the Souvenir booth starting 30 minutes after semi final round ends. Bring 1099 Info form completed. 1099

TROPHIES: Winner pictures taken and NHRA Wallys will be awarded at the Winners circle.

FAN INFO “Spectator Side Gate #3 General Admission for Saturday ONLY

Spectator Side Gate #3 General Admission – TAILGATE ALONG THE DRAGSTRIP! Grandstands are not provided. Track side “drive in” parking and lawn chairs only. bring your own food as there will not be any food vendors.

GATES OPEN: Saturday at 12 Noon (Gate #3) TICKET PRICES: $15 For Advanced Sale – Go to The Foat. Tickets are $20 on Event Day. Children under 12 FREE!

OUTSIDE FOOD & BEVERAGE: Allowed. There are NO Food/Drink Concessions located on the Spectator Side of the Facility. (Gas only BBQ allowed)

OVERNIGHT CAMPING: Allowed with Purchase of 2-Day Wristband at Pit Gate #2 or online at The Foat. NOT PERMITTED: Pets, Illegal Drugs, Glass Bottles or Containers. SMOKING: Section 118885 of the California Health and Safety Code prohibit smoking of tobacco in public places where a gathering is in progress.

GENERAL SUGGESTIONS: Bring Lawn Chairs, Blankets, Umbrellas, Pop ups, Jackets, Food, Drink, Gas BBQ (no briquettes allowed due to property fire hazards).

PIT PASS INFO “Pit Gate #2” for Spectators who would like Pit Side access for Fri/Sat/Sun

GATES OPEN: Friday 10:00 AM – Saturday 8:00 AM – Sunday 8:00 AM. All Gates Closed with no re-entry at 11:00 PM each night.

TICKET PRICES: Friday: $50 (only 3-day Fri/Sat/Sun Pit Passes will be available for purchase) Saturday: $40 (only 2-day Sat/Sun Pit Passes will be available for purchase. 1-Day GA tickets will be available for $20 on the Spectator Side Gate #3) Sunday: $20 Adult $5 per day Children 6-12 Under 6 Free on the Pit Side


GATES OPEN: Thursday: 8:00am – Friday 10:00 AM – Saturday 8:00 AM – Sunday 8:00 AM. All Gates Closed with no re-entry at 11:00 PM each night.

Early Bird Parking and Ticket Sales available Thursday 4-7 PM

CREW ADMISSION: Friday: $55 per crew member (only 3-day Fri/Sat/Sun Crew Bands will be available for purchase) Saturday: $45 (only 2-day Sat/Sun Crew Bands will be available for purchase)Sunday: $25 RACE ENTRY: $125

PRE ENTRY: Only required for Nitro Funny Car.

PARKING: Racer Packages come with one parking pass for tow vehicle only. Overnight parking is $40 per RV or trailer.

PIT SPECTATOR PARKING: Front lot parking is free. Pit Area parking is $20 per vehicle. You assume all risks of theft and damage while parking at Sacramento Raceway.

PIT SPECTATOR SEATING: Grandstand seating is provided. Bring Seat Cushions and umbrella. INSIDE FOOD & BEVERAGE: Sacramento Raceway contracts with a restaurant certified vendor to sell food, drinks and beer.

OUTSIDE FOOD & BEVERAGE: Allowed. Gas BBQ only. Briquette BBQ, glass containers and alcoholic beverages are prohibited. FOR SAFETY REASONS THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.

OVER NITE CAMPING: All racers and their crew members must purchase a multi-day pass and parking pass in order to stay in the pits overnight. All lights, generators and noise to cease one hour after last run. Hook ups, water or electrical are not provided.

RACING FUEL: Not sold at track.

NOT PERMITTED: Alcoholic beverages, Weapons, Drugs, glass bottles.

CHILDREN: Children under the age of 14 are not permitted in the restricted areas, with the exception of remaining in the enclosed cab of the tow vehicle, with an adult, while in the restricted areas.

STARTING LINE: No more than 4 crew members are allowed on the starting line at any one time. Non-essential crew members must remain in the tow vehicle or behind the yellow lines. All crew must exit starting line immediately after their driver’s run.

TOW VEHICLES: All tow vehicles must stop prior to the water box area. DO NOT Park in front of spectators standing in front of the tower.

SMOKING: Absolutely no smoking allowed in the staging lanes or starting line areas. Section 118885 of the California Health and Safety Code prohibit smoking of tobacco in public places where a gathering is in progress.

PETS: It is best to leave your pet at home due to the loud noises drag racing creates. However, dogs weighing less than 20 lbs are permitted at Sacramento Raceway and must be leashed at all times. Naturally aggressive dogs (pit bulls, rottweilers, German Shepard, etc.) must wear a muzzle at all times. This is to protect you and other patrons in the event your pet has a bad reaction to their surroundings and the noise. All pet waste must be removed immediately or you and your pet will be asked to leave.

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