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2019 Nitro Nite of Fire

The California Independent Funny Car Association (CIFCA) held their second race of 2019 season at Sacramento Raceway Park during the Nitro Nite of Fire. Nine CIFCA teams showed up to run to the 1000ft on 5.90 index. James Maher received the Control Cables longest tow award, travelling from Los Angeles to make the event. Qualifying went as followed. Mike Troxel took the System One’s number one qualifying spot with a 5.95. Ken Breneisen followed close with 5.98 and won the Mike’s Transmission’s Burnout Contest as well as the D & P Torque Converters revolving qualifier award.

1. Mike Troxel 5.957 177.81 mph

2. Ken Breneisen 5.980 176.67 mph 3. James Maher 6.001 174.21 4. Shaun Bryan 6.010 175.50 mph 5. Jim Currie 6.09 154.05 mph 6. Tony Trimp 6.186 180.36 mph 7. Rick Alvarado 6.340 165.00 mph 8. Bob Sanguino 7.506 97.03 mph First round of eliminations kicked off at 5pm in front of a stout crowd. Troxel out of the gate first with .055 to Currie’s .155 and at the finish line it was Troxel’s 5.95 to Currie’s quicker but losing 5.819. Currie took home the Raw Valley Motorsports quickest loser award. Shaun Bryan and Bob Sanguino lined up next. Sanguino had a huge starting line advantage as Bryan was caught sleeping on the line. On the top end Sanguino was took quick running a 5.826 handing the win over to Bryan who clocked a 6.039 and booked his ticket into the semi-finals. James Maher and Rick Alvarado were supposed to be the next pair out, but Alvarado couldn’t make the call. Maher made a stout solo pass running 5.915 on the 5.90 index. The final pair of cars was Tony Trimp and Ken Breneisen. Both guys are very familiar with Sacramento Raceway. Trimp cut a very nice .040 light to Breneisen’s respectable .072 but at the stripe it was Trimp with a 5.924 over Breneisen’s 6.085 and Trimp took home the Good Vibrations Motorsports best overall package with that run.

Heading into the semi-finals with the sun setting to the competitor’s backs and the fans packing the stands. Troxel and Maher kicked off the semi-finals with side by side smoky burnouts. After warming the hides both competitors were ready for battle. The Christmas tree lights flashed, and Maher was off the line first with .031 light to Troxel’s .118. At the finish line Maher clocked a 5.950 and the win light which put Troxel’s 6.174 on the trailer. Shaun Bryan in his ’89 Firenza who looking to take down current points leader Tony Trimp. However, Trimp put up a .027 light which took home the Enderle Quick Reaction Time and a 6.146 to defeat Bryan’s quicker but losing 6.121.

The final round of eliminations was under the lights. Finally, the temperature had dropped to a comfortable 78 degrees and the wind had calmed. Tony Trimp, in the Happy Hour corvette tuned by Harvey Williams, was looking for revenge against James Maher in the 1984 Junior Vibes Ford Tempo. The two have found themselves in this position multiple times. Kicking off the final round with side by side smoky burnouts. Maher checked the tires with a dry hop before staging. The Christmas tree lights came down and Trimp was off the line first with a .037 light to Maher’s .097. At the 60ft cone both guys clocked 1.03 and then Maher had to pedal before getting close to the wall. Trimp trucked on forward clocking a 5.92 over Maher’s 6.27 to win the Nitro Nite of Fire at Sacramento Raceway Park!

Thanks to all of our CIFCA sponsors for their continued support. Good Vibrations Motorsports, Aeromotive Fuel Systems, Enderle Fuel injection, Billet Connection, D&P Torque Converters, Mike’s Transmission, SCE Gaskets, System One Fuel Filters, Control Cables Inc, and Stith Printing Inc. Special thanks to the Smith family at Sacramento Raceway for hosting the circuit. Lastly, thank you to all the CIFCA teams who showed up and put on an excellent show. CIFCA’s next event is Saturday, June 22 at Samoa Dragstrip for race number three of six.

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