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2022 Full Season Recap

Funny Car Fever at Sacramento Raceway Park 1 of 5

The California Independent Funny Car Association kicked off their season at Sacramento Raceway Park on April 1st. Nine CIFCA funny cars were able to make the haul to race number one of their five race series presented by Good Vibrations Motorsports.

CIFCA Veteran Harvey Williams tuned the Happy Hour to the System 1 number one qualifying spot with a 5.905 on the 5.90 Index. James Maher ended up in the 2nd position with a 5.956. Jim Maher, 3rd with a 5.983, Mike Troxel 4th with a 6.012, Rick Alvarado went a tad too quick with a 5.870* which is a 6.130 with our .20 bump to squeeze into the 5th spot. Ken Breneisen also ran 6.130 which would put him 6th, Pete Ortiz Jr 7th & Shaun Bryan 8th.

1st Round of Eliminations kicked off with Pete Ortiz Jr & Jim Maher. Maher ran a 5.974 to defeat Ortiz’s 6.156. Rick Alvarado almost took out Tony Trimp but went -.004 red and ran a 5.946 to Trimp’s 5.875. Mike Troxel ran a 6.038 to defeated Shaun Bryan who went -.352 red. Ken Breneisen squeezed by James Maher, as Maher broke out with a 5.898 just .002 under the index.

Semi Finals Ken Breneisen took out Mike Troxel as Troxel went -.068 red. Tony Trimp took out Jim Maher as Maher also went red (-.039). In the final round Tony Trimp but a stellar package together cutting a .022 light and running a 5.905 and Breneisen gave it his best shot but unfortunately went -.007 red.

Samoa Dragstrip 2 of 5 Samoa Dragstrip for race number two of five. 6 CIFCA cars made the haul all the way up the coast to Eureka, CA. CIFCA went back to running full ¼ mile on the 7.50 index. Shaun Bryan took home the System One - #1 qualifier award running a 7.502. Jim Maher qualified #2, followed by Mike Troxel, James Maher, Chris Bates (who was driving for Harvey Williams) & Rick Alvarado. James Maher took home the Mike’s Transmission Burnout Contest & Jim Maher won the D&P Revolving Qualifier award. CIFCA ran a Chicago style event so the two closest to highest qualified cars who make it to the final. Jim Maher defeated Shaun Bryan on a hole-shot to take home the Enderle Quick Reaction time, Good Vibrations Motorsports Best Package & the Trophy! Maher has now won back-to-back races at Samoa Dragstrip. Special thanks to Lithia Ram Dodge of Eureka for sponsoring the CIFCA Funny Cars.

Redding Motorsports Park 3 of 5

Redding Motorsports Park for race number three of five. CIFCA again had 6 funny cars on the ground. It was a very warm day & the track was a little tricky, so we decided to run 5.90 to a 1000ft & Chicago style. James Maher took home the System 1 Number qualified award running a 5.96 on the 5.90 index. Jim Maher qualified number 2, Mike Troxel number 3 & Rick Alvarado number 4. Tony Trimp & the rough n ready team had some major carnage and did not qualify. Joseph Ortiz made some passes earlier in the day. Trying to upgrade his license to advance ET. Unfortunately, they had some carnage as well and were not able to make the call for both qualifying sessions. Rick Alvarado took home the Mike’s Transmission Burnout Contest money. Troxel won the D&P Torque Converters Revolving Qualifier award. James Maher defeated Jim Maher on a hole shot in the final to take home the Enderle Quick Reaction Time Award, Good Vibrations Motorsports Best Package & the BIG CHECK at Redding Motorsport Park. Hats off to Tony Trimp, Jesse Adams, Dan Martin & the whole team at Redding. They have put a huge amount of money, time & energy into the facility.

Medford Dragstrip 4 of 5

Four CIFCA cars made it to Medford Dragstrip August 27th for the 4th CIFCA race of the Season. Jim & James Maher, Mike Troxel and Rick Alvarado. Jim & James qualified 1 & 2 on the 7.50 Index. James edged Mike Troxel out of the final by .007! Rick Alvarado had transmission trouble and was unable to make the 2nd qualifying pass. Alvarado called Mike's Transmission Monday after the race and got a brand-new transmission.

The final was between Jim & James. Jim was off the line first with an .069 R.T 7.5175 165mph to James Maher .107 R/T 7.5455 at 183.90 Mph. The margin of victory is .0654 in favor of Jim.

Governor's Cup at Sacramento Raceway Park 5 of 5

12 Funny Cars made it to CIFCA's final race of the year on September 16/17.


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