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Trimp Trump's Troxel

The California Independent Funny Car Association just completed their season opener at Sacramento Raceway Park. Tony Trimp in the Rough-N-Ready team Tump'd Mike Troxel in the final round.

Troxel was our System One #1 Qualifier & Aeromotive's Fuel System Revolving Qualifier with a 7.503. Ken Breneisen who has had some trouble at our past few races came out on all cylinders qualified #2. Tony Trimp, Jim Currie, Bob Sanguino & Dave Matson all ran under the 7.50 index. Chris Bates qualified 6th and Maher finished off the field. The Mike's Transmission was a close one contest. Bob Sanguino, Tiny Trimp, Chris Bates, Ken Breneisen, and Mike Troxel all gave it a go. Mike Troxel was declared the winner by the fans.

Final Qualifying 1 . Mike Troxel 7.503

2 . Ken Breneisen 7.688

3 . Tony Trimp 7.728*

4 . Jim Currie 7.767*

5 . Bob Sanguino 7.785*

6 . Chris Bates Jr 7.881

7 . Dave Matson 7.924*

8 . James Maher 8.051

*Broke Out

First round of elimination was Saturday night under the lights. The Big upset was Bob Sanguino taken out #1 Qualifier Mike Troxel. They left the lane about even but Troxel had a problem and was unable to shift into high gear. Sanguino dumped the chutes about 1000ft and ran a killer 7.531 to Troxel's 11.295. A little lucky but a win is a win. Sanguino took home the SCE Gasket's Bounty Hunter Award and the Billet Connection Best Package award. Chris Bates took on Ken Breneisen. Breneisen ran a solid 7.683 and Bates shook the tires pretty hard off the hit and actually unseated the rear tire which cased him to get out of it right away. Tony Trimp went up against Dave Matson and after the burnout Matson was shutoff. Trimp on a solo ran 7.787 clicking it early. Last up was Jim Currie & James Maher. Currie was unable to fire leaving Maher on a solo. Maher ran a career best 7.658.

The Semi finals took place Sunday Morning. Maher was unable to make the after work restlessly all night to get one of the heads fixed. Decided not to risk it and allowed for Alternate Mike Troxel to take his place. The Alternate is the next closes loser from the round before. Troxel happen to be that guy. Tony Trimp took on Bob Sanguino. Trimp cut a killer .008 light which was the same as Bates .008 light in qualifying. They tied for the Good Vibrations Motorsports Quick Reaction time. Trimp left Sanguino on the line and forced him chase him down. Trimp ran 7.611 to defeat Sanguino's took quick 7.386. Troxel and Breneisen were up next. At the hit Breneisen hurt the trans and shut it off while Troxel ran a 7.71 at only a 150mph.

The Final was between 2016 Funny Car Champion Mike Troxel & 2015 Funny Car Fever Champion Tony Trimp. Troxel Qualified #1 and Trimp #3. Trimp was a out of the the gate first with an .085 to Troxel's .157. At the strip it was Trimp with a 7.612 to Troxel's quicker but loosing 7.563. It was great race and a great way to finish our season opener at Sacramento Raceway Park. Thank you to all of our sponsors, teams, fans and friends! Special thank you to Trevor Larkin for handling our race director duties & to Mikayla Halstead for filming the event.

Check out the Event Video:

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