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Tryon's Bad Company was bad news for his competitors from the very start...

Grand Junction, CO (June 17, 2000): Steve Tryon's Bad Company was bad news for his competitors from the very start. The Mesa, AZ driver qualified his sharp `59 Corvette in the number 1 spot with a 7.52. He then defeated Chill Scardino (7.64 - 7.49 breakout) along with Shane Westring (semis) enruote to his first final of the year.

Steve Tryon defeted Westring in the finals to put this one under his belt.

Mike Hilsabeck smoked the field during qualifying winning his fourth Perma-Cool Burnout Challenge while placing second. He then held back Mike Savage/Jim Broome in the opening round of eliminations. A crucial semi-final victory over Robert Lee (second in points to Hilsabeck) put Hilsabeck's Arizona Thunder into the money round.

Tryon vs. Hilsabeck. Number 1 & 2 qualifiers. Hilsabeck got the jump but drove it out the back door to the tune of a 7.48. Tryon drove into victory circle with a consistent 7.53.

Mike Hilsabeck lit up the track with a smoky burnout to take the Perma-Cool Burnout Title

This race was probably CIFCA's finest showing at Western Colorado Raceway. Thanks to Todd Freier (who is back from Ireland) for overseeing and coordinating the CIFCA funny cars at this event. Also special thanks to the track staff for hosting the CIFCA funny cars and for going the extra mile in prepping the facility. -Jim Maher

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