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Rookie LaCharite Leads Wire to Wire

Race Report

Submitted by: Jim Maher

Aug 17, 2002 (Southwestern Int'l Raceway): CIFCA funny cars shared the limelight with nitro and top alky at SIR Cactus Clash. This race played a crucial role in the points standings.

Rookie Dennis LaCharite showed his win several weeks ago wasn't a fluke. LaCharite qualified his "Back In Black" Corvette #1 with a near perfect 7.505. He then swept through 4 rounds of eliminations to claim his 2nd win of the season and moved up to second in points.

Legend Jim Scott once stated that he's still learning new ways to lose. Scott learned a new one this weekend when he lost three times. After losing his first round bout with LaCharite, Scott got back in the show under CIFCA's break rule. He had to face LaCharite a second time and the outcome was the same. Scott got back in the show again when Mike Savage could not make the call. Scott defeated Jim Carter advancing into the final where who but LaCharite was waiting for him.

At 2:30am the two teams paired for the third and final time. LaCharite drilled Scotty to the 'tree (.446-.530) and won with a 7.57 to a quicker 7.52.

Buzzz Miller pocketed the Enderle Quick Reaction time bucks with a pair of .409 lights. The Perma-Cool Burnout Challenge was won by Jack Beckman in Dennis Murphy's Omni.

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